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Steam rises from an oil refinement facility. Two American flags are displayed in an industrial setting with many pipes, tanks, and buildings.

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Climate Activists Protest Congressional Baseball Game, Washington, d.c., United States - 28 Jul 2022

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A male Santa Marta sabrewing. The species was rediscovered in Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in July 2022. The hummingbird had not had a documented sighting in 12 years. It was only the second time the hummingbird has been documented since it was first collected in 1946. (Photo by Yurgen Vega/SELVA/ProCAT)

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Transfusing the blood of an old mouse into a younger rodent could age the latter animal

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OrganEx technology reverses certain deleterious effects of prolonged ischemia. Representative images of electrocardiogram tracings in the heart(top), immunostainings for albumin in the liver(middle),and actin in the kidney(bottom).The images on the left side represent the organs subjected to a control perfusion, while the images on the right represents the organs subjected to perfusion with theOrganEx technology. Tissue integrity and certain cellular functions have been restored by theOrganEx technology one hour after circulatory arrest.

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Listronotus elongatus,a South American weevil

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A woman plays Wordle on its official website on her iPhone

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2F8Y7GF Spacetime Scifi Digital Arts concept, Twist clock time distortion warp on space bended curved as hole represent Space and Times of Einstein Theory

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